Quantum Six forms partnership with GoCodeGreen

Amount of EmissionsQuantum Six forms partnership with GoCodeGreen to help its banking clients and Fintech ecosystem build and select the cleanest software on the planet.

As part of the partnership Quantum Six will help facilitate the assessment targeted at decarbonising the software and the technology value chain that supports it.

Using GoCodeGreen’s platform and methodology, we will assess, rate, baseline and provide actions that can lead to achieving carbon neutrality for any software product, and provide post-assessment advice to help achieve your ESG targets. This process will also help inform your decision-making during software procurement to minimise impact to your emissions and support your Decarbonisation Strategies.

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GoCodeGreen is an independent, ClimateTech company dedicated to measuring the carbon efficiency of software products. We work with standard setters and research organisations to continuously improve our methodologies and calculations.

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